Cocktail smoker manual


1. Place on Top

Place the wooden chimney on top of your cocktail in a glass cup.

2. Fill and Burn

Fill it with the wooden chips and burn the smoking chamber with Butane torch for 20 – 30s.

3. Let it Sit

Let it sit for 30 – 60s to allow the smoke to become infused.

4. Enjoy

Enjoy your drink 🙂


The Enduell Cocktail smoker top is a whiskey smoker kit that makes it easy to create an impressive and tasty drink. The kit comes with an oak smoker, apple wooden chips and two cleaning brushes alongside with a simple video tutorial. It is very easy to use, simply prepare the whiskey smoker by filling with woodchips, mix alcohol and mixers in a whiskey glass and light the chips using a lighter, shut the top and wait for a few minutes before serving.

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